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Probate and Foreclosures
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One Time Flat Fee

     approx. 1 to 2 month delay
(plus court costs)

**ask about court fee waiver

Short Delay

We prepare an Answer to the eviction and request to help with uncovering evidence from the landlord. You handle the rest.

If you do not need a lot of time to move this may be the plan for you.


What's Included

  • Review of the Court Documents

  • Verification of Information

  • Error Finding

  • Research

  • Preparation of Court Documents

  • Filing Instructions




One Time Flat Fee

All Eviction DataBase

are included Payments Now Available !

approx.  4- months delay
(plus court costs)

**ask about court fee waiver

Expanded Delay

Month to month action against eviction, preparation of court documents and motions, and support to the end of case.

For tenants who need to more time to move and have landlord issues. 

What's Included

  • Review of the Court Documents

  • Verification of Information

  • Error Finding

  • Research

  • Preparation of Court Documents

  • Preparation of Additional Court Documents Against the Landlord

  • Preparation of Service Documents

  • Service of Process Paperwork

  • Filing Instruction


No Office Visit Required and Guaranteed Qualification*

Stop your Eviction with one Phone Call to

562-674-7420 ( 7 days a week / 24 hours a day)  Day or night you can always talk to a live person.                             

One phone call to us will get you the help you need within 24 to 48 hours and give you total peace of mind that you won't be kicked out of your home.

Our team has been helping people who have been evicted for the last 10 years. We know the rules. We understand the law. We used to be Landlords! We can help you in less than 24 to 48 hours. Period. Nobody deserves to be thrown out of their home!

"We strive for 100% Satisfaction"


Call Us at 562-674-7420

Talk to a Live Person

any time day or night

7days week 24 hrs


We can delay your eviction for an average of 1-12 months. In some cases we can even have it dismissed. Our service will keep you in your current home until you can make arrangements to work it out with the landlord or relocate. We have additional options available as well that can help you get even more time before having to move. At we understand that eviction is a personal and emotional nightmare; It's hard on your family and very stressful. We handle every case privately and professionally.

Call NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION! 562-674-7420
Talk to a Live Person

Thank you so much for helping me and my family.  We had an extra 118 days.

Sarah Thompson

 It was a crazy day.  My wife found you guys on line by accident.  It was the day they were coming to evict us from the apartment.  We had only hours.  We did not have any money.  My wife had to get a credit card from a friend to pay.  She paid for the service at 2:15pm at 3pm you sent us all the paperwork and at 3:55pm the judge signed the order for them to stop.  It was the craziest day of our life.  We didn’t tell our friends and family what was going on.  Now that we are set, Samuel will get a job and we will get back on our feet. YA forever

Linda Vera

OMG! You save my life.  Me an the 4 kids will be able to have a great Christmas.  The judge gave us 4 months and set my family up with a program were I was able to relocate. Thanks.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Samuel and Betty



To $999.00

One Time Flat Fee

All Eviction Database

are Included Payments Now Available !

approx. 12 months delay
(plus court costs)

**ask about court fee waiver

Long Delay
Month by month action against eviction, including preparation of all court documents, motions, court filing, serving landlord, and extended court request.

For tenants who need any extra time they can get to challenge the eviction action and the landlord.

What's Included
Review of the Court Documents

Full Examination and Evaluation

Verification of Information

Error Finding


Preparation Court Documents

Preparation of Additional Motions

Preparation of Jury Demand

Letter to Landlord

Preparation of Service Documents

Service of Process Paperwork

Preparation of Extension Request

Filing Instructions

All Court Filings

Serve Landlord

If you have received any of the following notices please call us now for immediate help.

  • 24 hour Notice to Vacate

  • 3 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 5 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 7 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 10 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 30 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 60 Day Notice to Vacate

  • 90 Day Notice to Vacate

Other Services

  • Eviction Dismissal of Rental Background Check on all Data Basses $425.00 Each Person

  • Evict your Roommate out in 10 days or less $475.00 Guaranteed

  • Evict your spouse out in 10 days or less $475.00 Guaranteed                              is a nationwide group of independent eviction defense specialists who work solely to help tenants stop or delay their evictions. All of our eviction defense specialists complete thorough and detailed training on eviction defense procedures. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we treat every eviction case with the upmost attention.

*Call for Full Guarantee Details."


Los Angeles County CA, Orange County CA, San Diego County CA, Riverside County CA, San Bernardino County CA, 

Santa Clara County CA, Alameda County CA, Sacramento County CA, Contra Costa County CA, Fresno County CA, 

Ventura County CA, San Francisco County CA, Kern County CA, San Mateo County CA, San Joaquin County CA, 

Stanislaus County CA, Sonoma County CA, Tulare County CA, Solano County CA, Monterey County CA, Santa Barbara County CA

Placer County CA, San Luis Obispo County CA, Santa Cruz County CA, Merced County CA, Marin County CA, Butte County CA,

Yolo County CA, El Dorado County CA, Shasta County CA, Imperial County CA, Kings County CA, Madera County CA,

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Lake County CA, Tehama County CA, Tuolumne County CA, San Benito County CA, Calaveras County CA, Siskiyou County CA,

Amador County CA, Lassen County CA, Del Norte County CA, Glenn County CA,  Plumas County CA, Colusa County CA, 

Mariposa County CA, Inyo County CA, Trinity County CA, Mono County CA, Modoc County CA, Sierra County CA, Alpine County CA





All work 100% Guaranteed

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Price Match by Any Company By 10% 

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